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A highly concentrated serum based on a new stable form of vitamin C. This exclusive formula targets photoaging and free radical damage. After a few days of application, the skin tone becomes even and bright.

The unique composition of this water-in-oil emulsion ensures optimal stability of the emulsion while ensuring a very smooth and velvety skin.

The result is impressive: the serum gives a feeling of freshness and is easily absorbed by the skin.


*Vegan Friendly * Cruelty-free * Not tested on animals * Ethically sourced raw material * Recyclable packaging * Parabens Free. 

Fusion Meso Vitamin C Serum 30ml

SKU: 0070
    • Boosts collagen syntesis
    • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
    • Strengthens the skin structure
    • Anti-oxidant benefits
    • Reduces photo ageing
    • Prevent free radical damage
    • Improves skin clarity & balances skin tone
    • Suitable for all skin types except very sensitive skin