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An active serum nourishes and reduces ageing and photo-ageing with 20% vegan squalane and 0,3% of Retinol. 
Vegan Squalane is a fantastic humectant that closely matches the skin’s natural squalene, providing excellent moisture and ingredient penetration. 
Olive Squalane is a clear, odourless, natural emollient that helps to smooth the skin and retain its moisture. Olive Squalane is very light and easily absorbed into the skin.

Due to its easy absorbability, it is an excellent carrier for other ingredients, and when combined with Retinol, it is an ideal treatment for wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. 
The Retinol in this serum is stabilized in the 100% oil formulation that preserves the product's effectiveness over time. In this formulation, we use the most active pure form of Retinol. 

Ekseption Squalane Retinol Serum 70ml

SKU: 0081
    • Dry, Sun-damaged skin 
    • Mature skin 
    • Skin lifting effect
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduces free radicals
    • Prevents photo-ageing
    • Reduces pigmentation and brown spots
    • Nourishes
    • Preservative free
    • Non-greasy after-feel
    • High concentration of active ingredients
    • Oil-based serum