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Ferulic Activator is a powerful free radical scavenger and resurfacing serum. The formula contains 3 types of acids (ferulic, lactic and tranexamic), enzymes, 4 peptides and vitamin E.

It can be used as a one-time intensive therapy or to prepare the skin for Chemical skin Peeling with ferulic peptide.

The product is very effective in skin renewal, exfoliation, pigmentation reduction and skin pH restoration.

It must be combined with SPF 50+ throughout the day to protect skin from UV radiation.

Ekseption Ferulic Activator Serum 30ml

SKU: 0045
    • For aging & sun damaged skin
    • Used as part of a pigmentation control procedure
    • Formulated to restore skin's natural pH.
    • Gently exfoliates the skin daily.
    • Increases overall skin radiance.
    • Balances skin tone.
    • Restores moisture to the skin.
    • Smoothes the skin.