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AlumierMD is medical-grade skincare. Before purchase, consultation is required. 

This set features 4 carefully curated, essential home care products to support sensitive, redness-prone skin. They are housed in a plush, white, vegan leather cosmetic bag.

This collection contains one of each:


SensiCalm- Cleanser 177 mL 
SensiCalm is a smooth, hydrating cleanser that delicately removes impurities and excess oil while calming skin.


Calm-R™ - Serum  30 mL 
A soothing hydrating serum that targets redness and blemishes while maintaining the skin’s delicate moisture balance.


HydraCalm - Cream  50 mL 
A rich and stimulating hydrator with natural calming ingredients is formulated explicitly for redness-prone and sensitive skin.


Clear Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 42 - Sun protection  60 mL 
A lightweight, non-comedogenic, quick-drying physical sunscreen that provides powerful broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays using a combination of physical filters.


* Dye-free * Paraben free * Sulfate free * Phthalate free * Animal cruelty-free* Artificial fragrance-free.


AlumierMD Calming Set of 4

SKU: 104
    • Dry Skin
    • Sensitive 
    • Combination Skin & Oily Skin 
    • Redness-Prone 
    • AgingBlemish-Prone
    • Discolouration